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Germantown, MD


Welcome to my world of fine art and photography that captures the beauty and serenity of Nature. I am a self taught artist and I want my paintings to be an escape from our hectic and stressful lives. My award winning landscapes offer you a moment of peace and tranquility and maybe even stir up a cherished memory or two of a time or place in your life that has been long forgotten.

As far back as I can remember… things of nature would take my breath away. Beautiful golden sunsets, early morning mist surrounding bright blue morning glories, puffy white clouds against the perfect shade of blue sky, the deep green shade of the leaves dancing in the trees on a lovely summer afternoon and roses. That is my passion as an artist… to capture moments of time… moments of beauty and serenity.

After beginning my painting journey in 2007, I am very happy and thankful of what I have accomplished in such a short time. It is a real blessing for me to be able to paint scenes that are soothing to the soul ... with God given talent alone. I hope you enjoy them!

Achievements & Awards

2007 Awards
2007 Montgomery County Fair Maryland
1st place: After the Storm

2008 Awards
2008 Montgomery County Fair Maryland
1st place: The Villa
1st place: Lily Pond
1st place: Sugarloaf Spring
1st place: Half Moon Cay
2nd place: Ralph's Lake
2nd place: Garden Gate
3rd place: Evening Breeze

2009 Awards
2009 Maryland State Fair
1st place: Sugarloaf Meadow
3rd place: Lock 8
3rd place: Key West Sunset
5th place: Mimi's Path

2010 Awards
Art of the Day: Key West Sunset
EBSQ Online Art Community
Painting was displayed worldwide
February 8, 2010 as Art of the Day.
Selected as Juried Member June 2010
EBSQ Oline Art Community
2010 Montgomery County Fair Maryland
1st place & Champion Rosette: Lock 8
1st place: Morning Mist
1st place: Old Stone Cottage
1st place: Mimi's Path
1st place: The Path
2nd place: Spring Bouquet
2nd place: Sweet Dreams
3rd place: Leaving Out :
4th place: Ella's Rose :
4th place: Sugarloaf Meadow
Solo Artshow: Held at Lock 8 on C&O Canal
October 24th at the invitation of the Potomac Conservancy

2011 Awards:
2011 Gallery Show: Participated in the "UnfilteredArt Show"
at the Blue Elephant Art Show Frederick, Maryland Feb 2011

Special Recognition: Sweet Dreams: Light Space & Time
Online Art Gallery March 2011
Special Recognition: Ella's Rose: Light Space & Time
Online Art Gallery April 2011

2011 Maryland State Fair
1st place: Serenity Along the Potomac
4th place: Old Stone Cottage

2011 Montgomery County Fair
1st place: A Day in the Tropics
1st place: Autumn on the Potomac
1st place: Country House
2nd place:Serenity on the Potomac
2nd place: Tropical Garden

2012 Awards
2nd Place: Serenity Along the Potomac
Maryland Montgomery Village Foundation
38th Annual Art, Craft & Photography Show
Special Recognition: Red Flowers in the Garden
Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery May 2012

2012 Art of the Day: Inside Looking Out: Photography
EBSQ Online Art Community. Displayed worldwide
on July 8, 2012

2012 Montgomery County Fair Maryland.
1st place: Sailing
2nd place:Shades of Blue
3rd place: One Sweet Day
3rd place: Red Flowers in the Garden
Photography: 3rd place: Portrait of a Child
3rd place: Sailing

2013 Solo Artshow Bethesda Library, Bethesda, Maryland.
Paintings and miniatures on display for the month of April, 2013.

EBSQ Online Art Community
Fine Art America
Delaplaine Arts Center
Hyattstown Mill Arts Project



Morning Sunshine by Leea Baltes


Raindrop by Leea Baltes


Lily of the Valley by Leea Baltes


Greeting The Morning Sun by Leea Baltes


The Perfect Pose by Leea Baltes


Sitting Pretty by Leea Baltes


Princess in the Snow by Leea Baltes


Christmas Eve by Leea Baltes


Glorious Rosebud by Leea Baltes


Cottage by the Lake by Leea Baltes


Red Flowers in the Garden by Leea Baltes


Lily-of-the-Valley in Full Glory by Leea Baltes


Pink Tulips by Leea Baltes


Blue Hydrangea by Leea Baltes


Sweet Violets by Leea Baltes


And the Peacock Danced by Leea Baltes


Whispered Wishes on a Starry Night by Leea Baltes


A Day in the Tropics by Leea Baltes


Sugarloaf Meadow by Leea Baltes


Evening Breeze by Leea Baltes


Morning Mist by Leea Baltes


Old Stone Cottage by Leea Baltes


Mimi's Path by Leea Baltes


Key West Sunset by Leea Baltes


Paradise by Leea Baltes


Lock 8 by Leea Baltes


Quiet Field by Leea Baltes


Ella's Rose by Leea Baltes